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How Does NY Car Specials Maintain Such A Large Selection of Cars?

The needs of every customer are different, especially in the car leasing business, and especially among New York customers. The needs and desires of everyone can change from day to day or year to year, and we aim for the type of flexibility and value that allows for everyone working with us to leave smiling and satisfied. Part of that starts with our extensive and impressive inventory, which is widely known to be second to none across this entire region of the country. We work with partnerships with dozens and dozens of dealers situated all across the New York City area. This allows us access to a number of inventories that other leasing providers can only dream of, and gets you, the valued NY customer, that much closer to getting behind the wheel of your dream car. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Since we have access to so many lots and dealerships, we can provide the absolute most auto leasing options possible. We cannot be beaten on our inventory thanks to this revolutionary system, and we invite you to explore the rest of our website and see what is offered by us. We think you will like what you see, and will give NY Car Specials your valued leasing business.

My Credit Isn’t Great – Is NY Car Specials Able To Serve My Needs?

Glad that you asked that, because the financial side of things is a very important part of the way that we conduct business here in New York. We work with customers of all backgrounds, and consider all of the factors involved in creating a lease, including their credit rating, their financial background, and a myriad of other factors. However, since we live and work in NY too, and want to get our wonderful neighbors behind the wheels of their dream cars, we are ready and willing to work with everyone right here in New York City to ensure that we can find an efficient and cost-effective solution for all who would like a new dream auto lease deal. We can sit you down and walk you through every single factor and contingency that can help you formulate the ideal leasing agreement for your best New York car. It really is that simple – we are dedicated to the idea that all customers deserve a square leasing deal, regardless of background, financial history, credit rating, or any other factors that might be an effect on a lease at another agency. NY Car Specials is different, and our business plan and model allow us to offer even better and better deals to every NYC customer who walks in our door. Take a peek around all the nooks and crannies of our website, or give us a call at 929-239-3010 and speak with one of our professional customer service agents directly, who will be able to take you through everything that you might need to know.