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Auto Leasing 101: What Do I Need To Know To Get Myself Started?

The world of auto leasing can seem intimidating and overwhelming, even to the savviest New York City customer. We here at NY Car Specials are here to untie the knot for our NY customers, so to speak. Leasing is agreeing to pay a set amount, usually monthly, over a pre-set term, typically a couple of years, for the use of a car. Where buying a car outright will entail a very large sum of money upfront and then possibly monthly payments as well, a leasing agreement usually means that less money would be owed up front, possibly lower monthly payments (depending on the model you go with!), and of course, a set end date to your agreement. All of this provides a better flexibility for the person who is interested in the car. You can have the freedom of knowing that you can drive around NYC in a new car every couple of years, thanks to a new lease agreement once your old ones have ended. It gives you complete control over your busy New York life, and who could say no to that? Take a look around our website at, or, better yet, you can go ahead and give us a call at 929-239-3010 and one of our dedicated New York City team members can take you through each and every step of the entire auto leasing process, answering any questions that you might have about any of our great deals along the way.

NY Car Specials – New York’s Premier Auto Leasing Provider (For You!)

We here at NY Car Specials take our jobs extremely seriously. It is not enough to just point out the prettiest car in our inventory and trust that you know exactly what you are doing at any step. What we prefer to do is to treat our NY customers like they are family. What does that mean? Well, we provide the most premium level of service, commitment, and loyalty to every New York City customer that walks through our doors or clicks over to our website. This takes time and dedication from our entire time, but it is what we love to do. We can walk you through every car option that might be best for you on the streets of New York, or we can help you understand what your credit and financing options might be based on some previous decisions that you may or may not have made. The point is, we take our jobs very seriously, and we love to serve New York and all of our NY customers as efficiently and effectively as possible – no matter what. This takes research and time, but finding the best leasing specials in the entire state is what we live to do. Give us a try today, either by giving a customer service rep of ours a quick phone call, or by acclimating yourself to our website and seeing what we can offer. You won’t be disappointed in our work!