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NY Car Specials Has The Leasing Deals You Need (And What You Want!)

Welcome to the website of NY Leasing Specials – New York’s premier leasing agency. We are well-known throughout NYC for having the best deals on all makes and models of cars, both new and used. We have everything from quick little sports cars to powerful trucks for the working man to minivans and SUVs for the family. Our choices are outstanding and without parallel, and we are the leading authority in NYC for getting our customers, both new and existing, the leasing deals of all types that they did not even know that they needed. We know how stressful the entire process can be, from top to bottom, and we aim to please our New York customers by providing them with a level of service that is without match in the entire area. You have a ton of options for leasing options, but we recommend that you shop us last – we are the top provider of leases in the entire area, and that is, quite simply, not by accident. Take a look at our website at and see what we have to offer, or give us a call at 929-239-3010 and let our customer service professionals take you through your options and the entire auto leasing deal process.

NY Car Specials: A Cut Above In the New York Car Leasing Industry

Leasing a car is a commitment that many of our customers might not have undertaken before, and we completely understand that. We are set up to work closely with the first-time NYC leaser, and we take our customer service reputation very seriously. The idea of NY leasing can be a bit overwhelming, even if it is actually not your first lease, but we are set up to help any customer navigate what can be tricky waters. Repeat lease customers who are coming to us for the first time will be stunned at how enjoyable, affordable, and professional the entire process can be. You might have had a less than pleasurable leasing experience elsewhere in New York, but we can assure you that our organization is a cut above the rest of the competition. We have the largest inventory on the market, and we can provide you with both used and new leasing deals on all models and makes that you want. Some customers just want an affordable, older model, while others love to lease because it lets them use the hottest, newest cars on the lot – we can help everyone! We are the best of both worlds because we can provide all NYC customers with the autos that satisfy what they are looking for. We encourage you to take a look around our website to see the entire range of services and cars that we have, and you can also give us a call and speak directly to a customer service professional.