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Smart Cars Are The Industry Tops (And NY Car Specials Has Them)

Smart, or “smart,” is a German line of automobiles that is one of the fastest-growing import vehicles on the American market today. “Smart” represents a union between the brands of Swatch and Mercedes, both of which had a helping hand in the creation and success of the brand. This innovation and dynamic spirit continues to shine through today in the form of these wonderful cars that are tailor-made for city living, including a wonderful, world class city like NYC. Our New York customers cannot get enough of these small, wonderful rides that are some of the smallest, most efficient cars on the market today. In some neighborhoods, these cars can even park legally when they are situated perpendicular to the curb! They represent a wonderful option for the discerning urban commuter, and we love to say that we can offer the best Smart leasing specials on the roads of New York today. We have the entire line of Smart models, ranging from the baseline model Pure up through the other two seater models like the Passion, the Prime, and the Proxy. We have them all, and we have them all for your enjoyment thanks to our wonderful Smart leasing specials that fly out of our inventory. Our inventory system is second to none, and we keep our overhead low thanks to our lack of brick and mortar costs such as lots or full staff on site. Instead, we aggregate the inventories of Smart dealers all over New York, and are fortunate to share these savings with you. Please give us a call to discuss these potential new Smart leasing specials with one of our professionals, or take a look around our website.

Smart Cars Are The Top Lease Choice For Today’s Cosmopolitan Customer

A Smart car is best known for its distinctive appearance. These small two seater cars are wonderful examples of a car made for the 21st century city dweller, with enough space for the groceries but small enough to park just about anywhere and keep gas costs low. In fact, some of our models available for Smart leasing specials are entirely electric, like the Electric Coupe. This car is able to zip around for minimal cost, and can help you make your gas costs nothing at all; a dream come true for our New York friends and neighbors any day of the week. Our leasing terms are famous throughout New York, thanks to our inventory and economy of scale that lets us keep costs low and then pass those savings on to you. Furthermore, although a Smart car might seem like a smaller option than you think you would be comfortable with, we find that many of our customers who have never driven one before are wonderfully surprised at how functional and efficient these delightful little automobiles really turn out to be for their needs. Give us a call today at 929-239-3010, as we have more information on the Smart leasing specials that we would be delighted to share with you.